Low Carb Lifestyle

The hubs and I are on a low carb/lazy Keto lifestyle to not just lose weight but to make ourselves feel better, improve our health and save money on all the prescriptions I take. It’s astronomical and totally embarrassing how many pull bottles I have. 😳

The hubs will see something online and say hey… can you make……and yes I can usually make it. I’m not gonna lie, there have been some pretty epic failures.

My hope is that this blog will allow me to post my successes and also share some failures. The recipes are filled with love and good ingredients.

We are Youngevity distributors too so you may see some links to YGY products that I use in my recipes. I wanted to warn ya before you say….what the heck? Is she only trying to sell me stuff. The answer is a resounding NO. I share my recipes and Youngevity’s awesome products to encourage better living and a healthier lifestyle. I want to spread the live so to speak.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to the recipes!

Let’s get Cookin’!

xo Valerie

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